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Providing excellence in automation for over 25 years


Bitwise was established in 1999 by founders Jodi Lobegeiger and Jason Zarew. Our team of expert software engineers and specialists are dedicated to providing completely integrated solutions combining the worlds of industrial automation and IT. 

Our core competencies are electrical engineering, process control, IT, networking and software development. We provide complete life cycle solutions and an unparalleled support service that will future proof your operations.

Whether you require a consultation, single or multiple components of your operation automated or a full turnkey system delivered, we can help. 


Stockfeed & Premix

Complete batching and control automation systems to improve efficiency and output and reduce down time.


Food & Beverage

Including facilities that process soft drink, beer, wine, spirits, milk, juice, processed food and meatworks.


Laundry Services

Commercial linen hire and laundry services operations including cleaning, drying and packaging systems.



Specialists in automation and process control for any mining operation, copper and gold mines, domestic and international.



Solutions tailored to recycling, defence industry, civil construction projects, chemical plants and more.


Turnkey Projects

We are able to tailor and create customised, end to end, turnkey solutions to suit any need in a wide range of industries.



Jason Zarew

Jason is one of the directors of Bitwise and with over 22 years of experience as an electrical engineer.

Being a PLC software specialist, Jason is responsible for the testing, maintenance and development of specialist PLC software for use in Bitwise’s Probatch software. 

Jason has an extensive background in software languages including PLC programming, DCS programming, SCADA programming and Microsoft SQL server, C/C#.

Jodi Lobegeiger

Jodi is one of the directors of Bitwise and with over 28 years of experience as an automation engineer.

His specialty lies in mapping out a company’s requirements and integrating them into a system. He is also responsible for the hardware design, purchase, software design and implementation. 

Jodi has an extensive background and skill set in multiple software languages including C/C++/C#, SQL 92, Transact SQL, PLC and PC programming, SCADA programming, Microsoft SQL server.


Our new plant fitout allows for more automation and quality controls in place to ensure production targets are met and customers receive product on time in full spec.

It was a pleasure to work through the project with the Bitwise team. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk to around different ideas. The training was excellent, explained the system/process very well.

New runout procedure between jobs. Worked with me to reduce time cooler empties.

Reduction in plant downtime by approx. 12 hours a week. Allows us to produce an extra 575t a week in this one innovation.

Easy to navigate around and see exactly where alarms/problems are. Support is excellent, Team members made themselves available on request and after hours

Would definitely recommend it. Better product than previous / outdated systems I have used in past. Very Innovative / flexible.

Cameron Wilson

Shift Manager, Ridley Wellsford - Victoria, Australia

Since contacting Bitwise and installing Probatch we have been able to reduce employee numbers by about 50% while improving our capacity by 20%. Probatch is a valuable system with reasonable pricing and the Bitwise teams are very nice to work with.

Probatch is a very flexible system which can work with another PLC or system smoothly. I am surprised that the Probatch team can develop 16 batching weighers combined into one batching system and can automatically divide required ingredients to be weighted in multiple weighers, so it reduces batching time to 45-60 secs for 5tons/batch.

Control of the system is easy to understand even for employees who have no experience in feedmill production. It's great to have support 24hr and fast response. They are very calm always try to understand exactly what the problem may be, even if it's something outside of Probatch.

They respond quickly and develop modified software requests in no time. I would recommend Probatch as it is the most flexible and cost effective system I have ever used.

Sarawut Techasattaya

Operations Manager, VC Meat Processing - Bangkok, Thailand

Probatch provided improvements in productivity, Quality assurance and machine performance. We can now lot track raw materials, gauge optimum motor amps on critical processing machinery and through the diet coding prevent any feed mix ups which is critical in a multi customer service orientated business. The team at Bitwise work with us on our level. They understand our needs to practical issues in our operations. Bitwise are great problem solvers often working in collaborations with our staff. They are good listeners.

When we purchased another business the change over was always going to be challenging. Bitwise went above and beyond to ensure we could manufacture feed under our own name the next day. This gave me great comfort and allowed me to concentrate on the people who ran the business.

Very user friendly. We certainly don’t utilise it to its full extent due to our own ERP system preferences. Visibility of each plant from anywhere is a great tool for numerous reasons.

Support is a key requirement in our game. Downtime can blow the costs sky high and Bitwise recognise this risk to our business. The continued support is worth it. We have already been recommending Bitwise for some time. Not just because they are a good business with great service. The people within the business are great and I fully support them being even more successful in the future.

David Hunter

Managing Director, Riverina Pty Ltd - Queensland, Australia


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